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Unlocking APAC for Institutional Investors

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Project Summary

During this project, we provided financial marketing support for a fintech startup aimed at helping institutional investors to overcome the challenges of trading in Asia Pacific.

The Market

Unlocking Asia Pacific for Institutional Investors

Institutional investors looking for reliable corporate event data from Asia Pacific face unique challenges: Limited event access, a complex web of regulatory hurdles, local language barriers, and more. Solving the challenge would require a team with deep experience in the world of institutional investing as well as regional knowledge of the area's complex business environment.

The Client

The SCRIPTS Asia platform helps institutional investors in the US and Europe gain access to over 2500 APAC equities with reliable English language transcripts, delivered in multiple formats, and capable of driving real-time investment decisions.

The Challenge

Building a Brand Around Institutional Investors

SCRIPTS Asia's target audience included the hardest-to-reach institutional investors. Breaking through the noise meant that the company needed to build a strong brand, deliver compelling value early, and follow through with one-to-one outreach. It needed a seamless brand experience in which potential subscribers could see how its data and the process of aggregating it would move the needle on their goals.

The Strategy

Tap Into Question About APAC

Our strategy aimed to make SCRIPTS Asia a single source of truth for APAC investor event data by owning unbranded searches, gating access, and positioning itself as the most trusted access point.

A Full Stack Team of Capabilities

The company's small sales team conducted person-to-person outreach like email and phone calls internally. It needed marketing and communications help to support its sales process, though. As a startup, it wanted to keep its footprint light. So, it needed an off-site team that could conduct a wide range of sales enablement tasks.

Our project team was purpose-built to deliver on the company's unique objectives. It included strategic, creative, and technical resources like branding, visual design, search and conversion rate optimization, and front-end development, led by an account strategist and integrated project manager. All worked together to ensure the project strategy was working and able to support the client's unique needs.

Financial Marketing Services


We worked from the company's existing logo to define a new set of recognizable brand standards. Our work included visual and editorial identities, brand profile, and messaging that would help engender trust and make the brand recognizable.


We worked with internal stakeholders to establish the organization's subject matter authority through thought leadership content like white papers and other informational and promotional materials.


We built a website that integrated directly with the platform's internal calendar (via its API). The connection was used to automatically propagate a new search-optimized landing pages for each event in real-time. Gated access and CRM integration powered the funnel and supported the company's internal business development strategy.


Our communications team built and managed and editorial calendar that included social media and email messaging as well as press releases that would support the organization's position as the leading APAC resource for institutional investors.

Supporting a Global Sales Team

Our project manager embedded with the startup's executive and sales teams as a marketing leader. The blended partnership included simultaneous managed services and tactical projects administrated through bi-monthly conference calls and quarterly in-person meetings, as well as real-time chat/email communications. Collaborative sessions included the most recent company updates as well as an opportunity to provide feedback on progress.

The Outcome

Driving Results for a Fintech Startups using Financial Marketing

The company saw a significant uptick in the type, volume, and quality of leads generated through its marketing activities and it's higher profile and viability was a contributing factor in a subsequent acquisition by the Japanese Stock Exchange.

Corporate event calendar interface on a websiteCalendar

Unique website visitors over the last year


Leads generated through combined site and landing pages


Conversion rate on website traffic generated from search

"The team at Catalyst are second to none. They're informed, thoughtful, and easy to work with. They've done an incredible job getting us found by the right people."


John Wiseman

Chief Revenue Officer

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