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Integrated Branding Services

Go beyond the logo with branding services that position you at center of your audience's story

A compelling brand is at the foundation of your communications strategy and, done right, will align you with your target audience. That’s why our approach to branding services goes deeper than the creation of visual assets like logos. We offer a framework for thinking critically about your organization’s unique voice – one that helps build a compelling brand narrative and drives ownership across channels.
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand Go to Market
  • Market Research
  • Buyer Personas & Journeys
  • Brand Profile Development
  • Logo Design
  • Visual Style
  • Brand Messaging
  • Editorial Style
  • Design Systems
  • Style Guides/Brand Books

An Integrated Approach to Branding Services Purpose-Built to Support Growing Organizations

The most iconic brands of the last century are defined more often by the loyalty they inspired than their visual aesthetic. Visual trends come and go, but these brands invested in a deeper understanding of their audience’s journey – including how buyers wanted to see themselves, why they take ownership of their favorite brands, and what drives their purchasing behavior.

Catalyst’s approach to branding services works on both fronts. We build creative, engaging, and easily recognized brand assets and the design systems vital to managing their long term growth. Our process also includes qualitative and quantitative analysis that helps us shape and position your brand with the desired qualities to most effectively reach your target audience.

Our Process for Building a Great Brand



Our process starts with discovery meant to uncover key aspects of your audience’s journey through qualitative and quantitative analysis.



We’ll draft a brand strategy that includes profile, positioning, and messaging statements based on your marketplace.



Our design team will use an iterative process to build new logos as well as the colors, fonts, and images that will come to define your brand.



We’ll organize the finalized assets into a design system that can be used for maintaining brand integrity for future communications teams.

Branding Services FAQs

What’s the difference between a logo development and a branding process?

Logo development includes a single brand, or word mark and sometimes various iterations therein like monotone and short and long versions Branding is the process of defining your organization’s unique persona and all of the assets that will come to represent it. Branding includes your logo, but is much more extensive and based on a comprehensive brand strategy. It’s defined by a full package of branded visual and editorial assets including all of the colors, image styles, fonts, et al.

Do you just design logos?

Yes, but standalone logo development is usually a temporary bridge to a larger branding process in which the organization’s core themes can be explored and developed. If you’re just looking for a logo, please contact us for more information. If it’s not a good fit, we’d be happy to refer you to any of our trusted agency partners for further discovery.

Why do I need branding?

First, it’s helpful to understand that branding’s core function, whether you’re just designing a logo or branding in full, is to align your organization with your core audience through shared values. Depending on your sector, a full branding exercise will have varying levels of impact. Overall however, they facilitate recognition, prevent creative entropy, and offer a plan for imputing your brand with the trust you’ll need to drive word of mouth in the early stages of growth.

How involved do I need to be in the branding process?

We understand the branding process takes concentration and a considerable amount back and forth to really engage with. That’s a luxury many leaders are short of, especially in the early stages of growth. Still, it’s one of the most valuable investments you’ll make. Our process works to facilitate your participation, making the best use of your time with focused discovery meetings and multiple-choice directional feedback. We’ll handle summarizing your brand into a visual identity, but will need dedicated input to do it correctly.

How long does the branding process take?

While they have some general similarities, every branding process is a bit different and the length will depend on the scope of materials defined in your strategy. A simple logo and style guide refresh can take as little as a week or two. On the other side of the spectrum, a brand book, including profile, visual and editorial standards, messaging strategy, etc can take several months, depending on the pace of feedback and iteration.

What is developing a design system so important ?

It may not be obvious, but the reasons you recognize a branded asset goes much deeper than its logo. For instance, you might recognize a logos color palette, fonts, styles and other features even though its text differs. That’s because each of these features combines to form a recognizable asset, such as a logo, that represents your brand and customers will begin associating with your most closely held traits - including qualities like trust, quality, excitement, humor, sex appeal, et al. The connection between these traits and your brand is extremely important and can even become the basis for making sure that others don’t use your unique combination of assets to imitate your brand to unsuspecting buyers.

How often do I need to update my brand?

Your brand is the north star for your business; it’s also a living entity. Not only should it be updated as you begin to learn more about your customers, its meaning will begin to take on a life of its own with new customer experiences. It’s important to keep a close eye on consumer metrics such as brand sentiment that help define the meaning that brand experiences are imputing on your brand. You also want to continually return to your brand to ensure that the products and services you provide continue to live up to your brand promise and adjust as needed.

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