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Digital Marketing Services

Shape your brand narrative with integrated communications strategies

Messaging is an essential gear in today’s dynamic marketing and communications machine. Integrated communications makes it more effective by outreach as part of a larger ecosystem of marketing strategies, working together to deliver seamless omnichannel messaging at scale.
  • Communications Strategy
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Media Outreach
  • Journey Mapping
  • Television/Streaming Advertising
  • Direct Mail
  • Person-to-Person Outreach

Creative leaders that understand omnichannel storytelling.

In today’s hyper-saturated communications ecosystem, public sentiment is more often shaped through the comments sections than a press conference. The brands that are willing to meet buyers in the places they now spend time with unique, authentic, and engaging real-time communications are winning the fight for market share and building advocacy at record pace.
Catalyst helps growing brands make it feasible without the development of a resource heavy in-house communications team. We’re not just a stop gap solution either. Our team of experts understands how to leverage the communications ecosystem and build creative, compelling omnichannel content that shapes the narrative around your brand.

Partnering with Catalyst on Marketing Communications is Easy



Our team will work to understand your current communications methodology examining your brand, content, and communications workflows.



Depending on the type of engagement, we’ll embed with your marketing and communications leaders developing ways to share your latest events in real time.



We’ll embed with your organization becoming an communications marketing resource you can turn to for daily outreach and real time customer engagement.



Our team will request additional info from you where needed, but we’ll manage day to day communications. You’ll provide feedback through collaborative channels.

Marketing Communications Services FAQs

What is marketing communications?

You’d be forgiven for feeling a little confused over the definition of “marketing communications” in today’s business ecosystem. While it’s frequently used as an overarching term to describe all marketing, it’s also been described as a discipline within that ecosystem. We use the latter definition, characterizing it as a group of messaging activities used to shape your brand within a target audience. It includes disciplines ranging from social media to public relations.

Aren’t content and marketing communications the same thing?

While content focuses on ideation and development, communications focuses on delivery. This is not a perfect or unilaterally accurate definition. And, while they're symbiotic in nature and overlap in many places, (you can’t have content without communications and vs), the processes and workflows required to manage them require different skill sets. For instance, those who are passionate about brand positioning or content creation tend not to be as fascinated with the technical aspects of analytics or email delivery rates. In some use cases - especially larger company’s - it makes sense to have these skill sets work as one team. For our use case, separating them allows us to be more flexible and responsive to our client’s existing internal and external resources. 

If I have resources to build communications can you do the rest?

Yes! And vice versa. We can handle them as one complete and ongoing deliverable, but strive to be as flexible as possible to our client’s unique business model as possible. We also offer flexible design retainers that can be used for a wide variety of This is a great topic to make sure you cover in your initial discovery session.

How do you know my brand voice?

Embedding with a new brand is always a learning process. We encourage clients to develop style guides that define brand voice, tone, and other editorials styles up front, but realize that they may not always have them. We can learn a lot from previous content, keep open lines of communication with your team, and have a variety of internal expertise ranging from hospitality to technology. The first few months of our relationship will be filled with learning opportunities and have a comprehensive system in place for collecting your feedback on content until you feel comfortable with us flying on our own.

What is your approval/feedback process?

We deploy a number of procedural and platform-based measures both for getting your feedback on outgoing communications as well as ensuring grammatical and subject matter accuracy. They include approval of drafted content, two person editorial teams, and defined procedural signoff for all content.

How do you handle crisis situations or negative press?

Occasionally communications come up that demand immediate and/or high level processing. We have a tested crisis management procedure for handling them. Once you, your community manager, or project manager has flagged the issue we’ll put all further communications on hold. One of our team will reach out immediately to schedule a conference call so that we can align on messaging and build a response as well as answer potential follow up questions and comments. Once messaging has been delivered, we’ll resume communications and contact you with further inquiries.

Catalyst does offer additional public relations and reputation management crisis services on an as-needed basis.

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