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Out of Home Marketing

Build awareness by going beyond the screen with integrated out-of-home marketing campaigns

Out-of-home marketing helps you turn almost any outdoor surface into a canvas for your brand. We leverage it as part of a deeper omnichannel marketing strategy, seamlessly blending out of home creative creatives with other off and only channels to drive deeper engagement.
  • Publicity Stunts
  • Street Teams and P2P
  • Vehicle Wraps
  • Guerrilla Marketing
  • Murals & Public Art
  • Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Retail/Wild Posting
  • Event Marketing
  • Promotional Merchandise
  • Large Format Billboards
  • Public Transportation
  • Flyers and Other Leaflets

An Approach to Out of Home Marketing Purpose-Built for Growing Organizations

Online media has become the primary driver for attention over the last decade. As digital fatigue has grown however, it’s created a unique opportunity for organizations to leverage street marketing initiatives to grab attention. That often requires a separate siloed partner who These skill sets often done align though and those who want to take advantage are pushed
Integrated out-of-home marketing services from Catalyst blend the best of old and new media to deliver a new generation of out-of-home communications perfect for growing awareness. Our in-house out-of-home team works intimately with the rest of our team to build deeply integrated and outcome-driven campaigns featuring street marketing tactics

Partnering with Catalyst on Marketing Out of Home Campaigns is Easy



You’ll meet with an integrated strategist to define the type, volume, and velocity of your out-of-home marketing campaign.



We’ll use your brand standards to create beautifully designed creatives (or creative prototypes) that will be used in your campaign.



Our team will manage the planning and implementation process collaborating with you, civic partners, and others to ensure success.



We’ll keep you apprised of challenges, send visual confirmation, maintain your creatives for the life of the campaign, and deliver reporting.

Out of Home Marketing Services FAQs

What is out-of-home marketing?

Out-of-home marketing strategies are, for the most part, exactly what they sound like - marketing communications delivered outside the home. A more modern take might also expand this definition to “outside the screen” as consumers now spend so much time there they function in the same manner. These strategies leverage a wide spectrum of street level outlets as a canvas for getting the word out about your brand, from concrete sidewalks to billboards.

Do you provide standalone out-of-home marketing services?

We typically provide out-of-home services as part of an integrated tactical campaign but generally don’t take on one-time and exclusively out-of-home campaigns. If you are looking to deliver a campaign of this type, we’d be happy to refer you to a trusted partner.

Are out-of-home strategies still effective?

The secret to out-of-home marketing is knowing exactly what to expect. In most cases, you won’t be able to track conversions, the way you would in the digital ecosystem. You can, however, use out-of-home to make it more likely that an audience member does convert when they’re presented with an opportunity. Today’s out-of-home marketing solutions often work as part of a larger omnichannel funnel than a standalone campaign and are typically used to drive awareness and familiarity.

Where can you deliver out of home initiatives?

Our network of out-of-home resources stretch over sixty major markets globally including US, Canada, Mexico, UK, and Asia Pacific. Specific capabilities may vary between markets, but our team can usually find and tap into new creative and operational resources in any given market on an as-needed basis.

What do you charge for out-of-home marketing services?

Our pricing structure changes depending on the type of service, market, and liability. We’ll provide a unique strategy, set of deliverables, and price as part of our proposal process. Contact us for more information. 

Are there any potential liabilities of out-of-home marketing?

In many cases, like billboards and other signage, none. In more curated campaigns, including guerilla initiatives and street art there are more, but we work with partners and methods that make them as minimal as possible. For instance, inventory for postering is usually negotiated with property owners beforehand, using eco-friendly and disappearing materials, etc. If an out-of-home campaign presents additional risk, we’ll define that risk, ask for indemnification, and proceed with implementation. As with all marketing services, we reserve the right to refuse or cancel the activation at any time due to perceived risk to our brand, workers, or property.

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