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A History of Success with the Nonprofit Sector

  • Social Causes
  • Youth Development
  • Educational
  • Animal Rescue
  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Social & Children's Services
  • Health/Medical Nonprofits
  • Disabilities Support Services
  • Veteran's Services
  • Civic & Community Projects
  • Research & Public Interest
  • Non-governmental Organizations
  • Charitable Foundations
  • Special Interest Groups
  • Sports Organizations

Today’s Nonprofit Marketing Leaders Face a Unique Challenge

They need to balance a commitment to reinvest in their mission with the type, volume, and cost of expertise they need to do it. While the need for a full-stack marketing resource has become unavoidable; gaining access to one on a nonprofit marketing budget can feel impossible.

It Starts with Rethinking the Traditional Agency Relationship

In many cases, nonprofits rely on siloed hub-and-spoke relationships with agencies. As a result, they tend to sacrifice the omnichannel storytelling that mirrors the way constituants now learn about and engage with their favorite brands for single-channel expertise designed to save money. There's a better way....

A New Type of Agency Relationship, Purpose-Built for the Way Nonprofits Work

We built a shared communications backbone specifically for nonprofit partners that want the power of an integrated solution, the flexibility of an offsite marketing team, and the expertise of a full-stack resource. Our integrated marketing team bridges the resource gap for established nonprofits, providing all the resources you need to reach volunteers and donors, all at a fraction of the cost of hiring one new person.

Build Lean

Make the most out of limited resources by plugging into an entire marketing department at a fraction of the cost.

Keep Focused

Focus on your core mission without getting bogged down or blocked by operational marketing tasks.

Retain Expertise

Leverage the complete power of today’s marketing ecosystem with a full-stack team of marketing pros.

Stay Flexible

React to unique opportunities and challenges more quickly through our rapidly scalable ops-driven marketing partnerships.

Over the past five years, the Catalyst marketing team has proven to be invaluable. Their team has always been creative, knowledgeable, and fun to work with and we partner on both operational and tactical marketing campaigns.

Jaymelina Esmele, Special Olympics Washington VP of Marketing
Our Value

Driving Growth at Every Level of the Nonprofit Ecosystem

For Boards

We help nonprofit boards focus on their mission by empowering their C-Suite with the full-stack marketing capabilities they need to get the word out.

For Executives

We allow nonprofit marketing executives to operate more efficiently through rapidly scalable partnership frameworks that drive real-world growth.

For Teams

We magnify the expertise of small nonprofit marketing teams by delivering enterprise-capable expertise for a fraction of the cost of a full onsite team.

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