CanniTech Marketing Case Study

The Client

Pioneering the Business of Cannabis.

Founded in Washington State (after becoming only the second area of the country supporting “legal cannabis”), SōRSE Technology jumped out as an early B2B leader in an emerging commercial cannabis economy. It began by productizing water-soluble emulsions needed to make popular CBD and THC infused food, drink, and topicals. As additional states have legalized, the company has quickly become the country’s leading provider of functional cannabis ingredients. It now powers a unique portfolio of cannabis-based consumer packaged goods – from soda to body lotion.

The Pain Point

The Marketing Challenge

As the company has moved from early stage research and development to productization, it needed to professionalize its business facing persona. Immediate pain points included a fragmented visual identity, its website’s ability to convey its core value propositions, and event marketing materials. More than that, it needed an agency of record that could embed seamlessly with its growing team providing on-demand support and feedback.
The company’s immediate need included a complete set of brand standards and updated website that conveyed its position, products, and value proposition, and legitimized it as a cohesive and professional business partner.
The Strategy

An Integrated Marketing Strategy

Our two-part strategy was designed to create broad awareness and recognition of the platform at the top of the funnel with demand generation while driving deeper engagement at the bottom with hyper targeted content focused on creating deeper one-to-one conversations.


Tie the brand’s existing visual assets into a comprehensive business-facing set of brand standards – one that could align and support its visual identity across the sales and marketing team.



Design/develop, integrate, and optimize a twenty page lead gen driven website communicating the company’s proprietary processes and products. This work includes ongoing CRM integration support.



Support the organization’s sales and marketing process with development of an animated explainer video and content marketing strategy and creative content development.


Keeping the Team Focused on Growth

Our project team, led by an integrated PM – including strategists, creatives, and marketing technology experts – has worked directly with the company’s VP of Marketing and project manager over the course of three years. Once completing the branding, initial branding, content, and digital marketing work Catalyst has become the company’s agency-of-record and works to complete and manage a wide variety of ongoing marketing tasks, from various go-to-market campaigns to integration with its sales process infrastructure.

“Working with Catalyst has been great. Their project management support is second to none, and their diverse capabilities really amplify the size of our internal marketing team without a huge commitment. That helps us stay lean and flexible while we grow”


A Model for Fintech Marketing that Works

The company’s water-soluble CBD- and THC-based emulsions now support hundreds of publicly available consumer packaged goods across the country, including the most popular drink in the country. Additionally, the company has used the strategies and materials created by Catalyst in its “Powered by SoRSE” campaign, to create partnerships with globally recognized breweries, the launch of a consumer-facing brand, and partnership with a medical research and development startup exploring the use of cannabis in medical applications like cancer therapies.

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