Cosmetics Marketing Case Study

The Client

Reimagining a Direct-to-Consumer Original

Dr. Jart+ is an emerging South Korean cosmetics brand sold exclusively through beauty retailer Sephora. When the company decided to make its US debut with a recently launched face mask product – “Shake & Shot” – its first step was generating buzz among young, urban audiences. The company’s in-house design team started by building attention grabbing creatives and pushing them through social media and influencer marketing campaigns. To connect on and offline brand experiences it began looking for a marketing agency with experience in the health and beauty space to create an integrated street marketing campaign supporting its online efforts and driving buyers to Sephora’s brick-and-mortar and ecommerce points of sale as well as its social media channels.
The Pain Point

An Emerging Cosmetics Brand

With such a unique, artistically-driven aesthetic, our plan was to go big and let consumers ask the questions. We started with an oversized wild-posting campaign that would capture the attention of city residents and workers in nine urban markets including NYC, Austin, Seattle, LA et al. We collaborated with the company’s internal social media team to extend the campaign’s reach by leveraging location as an opportunity to build additional word-of-mouth through shared media, with each poster directing passersby to post a picture of themselves with them to social media channels to win one of several gift certificates for Dr. Jart+ products at Sephora.


Catalyst designed a unique mobile optimized landing page representing the campaign’s purpose, instructions, and rules for entrants as well as a feed showing past participation designed to be accessible through a call-to-action or poster based QR code.



Our technical team developed the campaign landing page and connected it to the brand’s analytics and business intelligence tools. We also integrated the company’s existing social media channels creating a real-time feed of activity.



We partnered with an adjacent street agency to deliver all wildposting campaigns in seven unique markets, refreshing deliverables weekly and providing additional cross-channel marketing measurements.

“Catalyst’s didn’t just show up; they led. The team brought great ideas to the table, displaying consistent mastery over the entire marketing ecosystem and adding shape and color to the campaigns to maximize its impact with our target audience.”


Cross Team Collaboration

Over eight weeks, we collaborated with the company’s internal creative, technical, and marketing operations teams using email and regular sprint calls to update project leaders on each phase of progress, gain feedback, and unblock team members on potential pain points. To report on key performance indicators, fans were directed to a campaign landing page that could track attribution, engagement, CTR and conversion rates on Sephora’s website. At the end of the campaign, metrics from various social media, CRM, and BI platforms were used to assess the campaign’s value and cost of acquisition. The campaign was implemented successfully with the company surpassing Sephora’s target sales goals both in-store and online. Today, Dr. Jart+ is one of the most well known and loved brands on the company’s shelves.

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