FinTech Marketing Case Study

The Client

Providing Access to APAC

Institutional investors have flocked to Asia Pacific for over two decades. Once there, they face a unique set of challenge that make it difficult to aggregate and normalize market data for use in everyday investment decisions however. Their pain points include limited access to investor events (like earnings and quarterly meetings), a complex web of regulatory hurdles, local language barriers, and more.

Investors have to weave together business development, operational, and technical processes, just to extract small amounts of actionable data. SCRIPTS Asia provides a deeply scalable solution that offers institutional investors instant access to event data for almost 2500 partnered brands. Its service includes reliable English language translation services, near real-time transcriptions, and an award-winning platform that indexes hundreds of pieces of metadata from each event.

The Pain Point

The Marketing Challenge

The startup’s target audience includes some of the world’s most recognized institutional investors. To protect their time, organizations often employ a slew of human- and machine-based gatekeepers to limit incoming marketing and sales activities. Breaking through the noise means quantifying its offering in the most compelling way possible using value-driven content to start a business relationship.

To do it, SCRIPTS Asia needed to create a seamless brand experience – one in which its sales and marketing teams were able to reach out to prospects with just-in-time messaging delivering the right offer to the right people at the right time to drive the purchasing decision. It needed strategic, creative, and technical, and marketing operations support to put the pieces together and begin working

The Strategy

An Integrated Marketing Strategy

Our two-part strategy was designed to create broad awareness and recognition of the platform at the top of the funnel with demand generation while driving deeper engagement at the bottom with hyper targeted content focused on creating deeper one-to-one conversations.


Define the brand's visual and editorial identity, including its brand strategy, profile, messaging to make it recognizable. Combine them into brand standards that can be used to ensure consistency across teams



Provide a wide array of digital marketing support from redesigning the company’s website to . Ongoing work includes strategic and technical support including CRM, MAS, and Email/SMS marketing integration.



Build the organization’s subject matter authority through thought leadership materials, sales and marketing collateral, multimedia content et al. Use it to legitimize the brand and drive word of mouth among fans.



Manage the company’s editorial calendar, including social media, email marketing, and messaging. Engage in daily conversations with learners using the platform to develop long standing relationships


Keeping the Team Focused on Growth

Catalyst’s marketing team embedded within the company’s C-suite to provide subscription and tactically marketing services throughout the course of the following year. Over that time, our team provided strategic, creative, and technical support with the goal of iterating towards the company’s objectives using an Agile project management process. Additionally, we worked hand-in-hand with the company’s sales manager and operations team daily to develop special content that drove communications outreach.

“The team at Catalyst are second to none. They’re informed, thoughtful, and easy to work with. They've done an incredible job getting us found by the right people.”


A Model for Fintech Marketing that Works

The company has seen a significant uptick in the type, volume, and quality of leads generated through both online and offline marketing activities as a result of working with Catalyst. Not only are prospects more likely to recognize and respond to its messaging, they convert more often. At the bottom of the funnel, its sales team has found itself having richer conversations about the company’s offering based on high quality content that has driven deeper understanding of its subject matter expertise around APAC investing.

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