Medical Technology Marketing Case Study

The Client

Catalyst helps a veteran-focused medical device company reshape its messaging through integrated branding and content marketing support.

ProMedTek is a medical device manufacturer whose advanced therapy system helps veterans manage long-term pain without the addictive and dangerous side-effects of narcotics. The company works exclusively with the Veterans’ Health Administration and has a decade-long history of successful relationships with providers in the space.

Marketing collateral that communicates its products, their intended use, and benefits therefore is a vital part of its ability to get its solution in the hands of those who need it most. From educational content meant to describe the product’s benefits to instructional content meant to inform their use, the company’s success is based on clear, compelling, and concise communications.

The Pain Point

Marketing A Different Kind of Platform

Channel-marketing leverages strategic partnerships to drive interest in a brand’s products at the top of the funnel, and educational experiences to drive adoption at the bottom. It’s a two-sided marketing program that can be enormously effective but requires strong supporting content including data-driven thought leadership, and social proof content. 

The company had leveraged the approach effectively, but its marketing content felt increasingly outdated with its overall style and formatting saying as much about the quality of the solution as its description. The company’s materials needed more than a rewrite; they needed to impute the feeling of a contemporary, trustworthy, and innovative brand that understood its users’ most pressing medical challenges and was working hard to solve them.

The Strategy

Our Integrated Marketing Strategy

Our strategy included a phased overhaul of the brand’s identity – work that would become the basis for a full rework of more than three dozen documents the company used to convey its solution to both VA providers and their patients.


Since the company’s senior stakeholders wanted to retain its existing logo, we leveraged its unique characteristics to build a more contemporary supporting style that could be used to guide both its updated collateral and upcoming website.



We leveraged its updated branding to perform a comprehensive overhaul of dozens of unique pieces of collateral that explained the product’s purpose, functioning, and benefits - from scientific studies to user testimonials - in a more consumable way.

“The crew at Catalyst is great. They’re very easy to work with, responsive, and really took their time to understand our product and audience. Would easily refer them to other marketers in the medical space. It can be hard to find true partners, but these guys have done a great job and stuck with us through a long process”


A Proven Marketing Solution for Medical Providers

Catalyst’s integrated PM worked with the company’s small internal marketing team to establish a workflow for design drafting, feedback, and approval. It included a range of open source document sharing and collaborative prototyping software that allowed stakeholders to submit feedback in real-time. We communicated primarily through email with video calls to discuss key points. Its updated branding and marketing materials were met with universally positive feedback, both from internal stakeholders, like its executive team and sales people, as well as both providers and patients.

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