Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of Marketing Support do You Provide?

In addition to "managed services", we provide access to a full spectrum of tactical-, project-, and consulting- based marketing solutions. They range from brand identity to website design and development. Our core strategic advantage however is based on the institutional knowledge gained through ongoing integration with your team. It provides us with deep operational insights that improve the outcome of these services and drive more impactful solutions at every stage of the organizational journey.

How Do You Collaborate with Clients?

Our collaborative framework was developed over the course of two decades and honed across hundreds of unique partnerships. While the tools have evolved to keep pace with technology, the general focus remains on delivering best-in-class partnerships that provide growing brands with the marketing power, flexibility, and expertise to scale quickly. Specific strategies differ between clients but are based on your existing collaborative ecosystemes and generally include some form of chat, project management, and person to person check ins that allows us to become a functional part of your team, rather than an outside vendor.

Do you specialize in a particular sector, industry or vertical?

Collectively, our team has deep experience across a wide range of industries and verticals from technology to entertainment to manufacturing. That includes consumer-, government-, business-, and academic-facing organizations. We tend to focus on our client's stage of organizational growth as the primary business driver rather than a particular marketing niche however. Examples include startups, sales-led organizations, nonprofits; each has an organizational structure that demands a smaller marketing footprint, that can scale quickly, and tack on demand.

What is Integrated Marketing?

"Integrated" refers to the marketing operations framework that allows us to scale omnichannel marketing strategy. Where channel-focused agencies, like branding or paid specialists, tend to focus on implementing a specific aspect of your strategy, our approach puts each of the specialist responsible for implementing your strategy "in the same room together" on a daily basis to discuss collateral impacts of their actions and how they can be leveraged against each other to drive better results. This value-added strategy adds the power that growing organizations need to scale more quickly. Read more about our integrated marketing approach.

How much do your services cost?

Every organization’s marketing needs are different. So, like most marketing agencies, we don’t offer a pre-fabricated pricing structure. Prices may be influenced by everything from the type and volume of resources you need to operationalize a campaign to the frequency of contact we think you’ll need to have with various specialists on our team. Either way, not locking ourselves into a single price structure allows us to build project teams that fit your needs, rather than fitting your business model inside a inflexible list of services. Our goal is to be a flexible part of your team, not a turn-and-burn style marketing mill.

Do you provide any type of reporting for your work?

We provide standardized reporting on metrics relevant to your campaign and delivered via a live dashboard or monthly report as part of our managed services offering. These often include stock metrics provided by online platforms like Cision, Facebook, and Google Analytics aggregated into a single dashboard. Advanced custom analytics, funnel tracking, and business intelligence are considered additional services and require a ‘KPI workshop’ and implementation period.

How big is your team?

Our team comprises about forty five in- and out-of-office members (not including back-office personnel) from strategists to service-level managers. While we tend to operate more in line with boutique agencies - focusing on personalized collaboration - our approach requires a more robust layer of strategic, creative, operational, and technical expertise. Regionally-based teams help provide local expertise while the cumulative depth of our national team provides a level of expertise that emerging brands need to compete in today’s robust marketing ecosystem.

Aren’t you trying to be a "Jack of all Trades"?

In short, no. Our organizational structure is based on an enterprise-capable integrated marketing team, layering strategic, operational, and technical support across a full-stack range of subject matter expertise. We focus on organizations who would benefit from a full-sized onsite marketing department, but don’t have the resources or desire to build one. Our award-winning services teams have deep experience in virtually every form of today’s most popular services at recognized organizations ranging from AirBnB to Microsoft.

What regions do you serve?

We are a global-ready marketing agency serving clients who wish to do business anywhere in the United States and Canada and routinely work with clients and agency partners around the world, from Europe to APAC. We have six staffed regional offices but many of our most valued team members choose to work remotely as part of our internal quality of life initiative. We are happy to meet in person at any Catalyst Marketing Agency office after a short discovery call to ensure that we offer the specific capabilities, partnerships, and services expertise you’ll need to accomplish your goals.