The Integrated Marketing Approach

A modern framework for delivering omnichannel brand experiences at scale.

Leveraging Integrated

Why Integrated?

The buyer's journey has gotten more complex, spanning hundreds of on- and offline touchpoints. Integrated marketing offers a binding operational framework designed to create value-added benefits across the entire “path-to-purchase”.

  • Reduces brand entropy by organizing previously siloed strategic, creative, and technical teams into a single collaborative framework

  • Empowers marketing leaders to deliver better results by focusing on outcomes instead of a single prescribed marketing channel

  • Mirrors today’s multi-faceted journey with seamless omnichannel brand experiences reflecting the way buyers now engage their favorite brands

  • Improves brand advocacy, allowing leaders to better influence buyer’s purchasing behavior throughout the path-to-purchase

Seamless Omnichannel Storytelling

Integrated marketing is the most effective way for brands to create and deliver seamless omnichannel storytelling at scale. Building an integrated strategy can be resource intensive though, requiring a full-stack marketing department, comprising top martech tools and operational expertise

Digital marketing professional looking at analytics report - Integrated Digital Marketing Hero for Catalyst Marketing Agency

Making Integrated Accessible

Our approach makes omnichannel strategies accessible with a shared marketing operations backbone that helps small organizations get big results. We deliver the power, flexibility, and expertise needed to leverage omnichannel marketing without the cost of an integrated marketing department.

We Don't Replace Great Marketing Leaders. We Amplify Them.

From managed services to strategic consulting, Catalyst’s approach to integrated was built to empower marketing leaders by bridging the resource gap. We’ll act as a hybrid extension of your team providing access to an enterprise competitive full-stack integrated team, for about the same commitment to resources as a single marketing team member.


You'll meet, one-on-one, with an integrated marketing strategist to define the organization's unique opportunities and pain points.



An integrated project manager will collaborate with your team to implement both operational and tactical marketing campaigns.



We'll leverage our three part solution, including capabilities, partnerships, and services, to build an outcome-driven marketing framework.



We'll leverage our three part solution, including capabilities, partnerships, and services, to build an outcome-driven marketing framework.

Our team isn’t bound to a specific strategy or channel. Instead, we start with your business objectives and work backwards leveraging the power, flexibility, and expertise of our solution to deliver a marketing strategy that supports growing brands throughout their organizational journey.

FAQs About the Integrated Marketing Approach

How do I build an integrated marketing campaign?

Integrated marketing isn’t a type of outreach strategy. It’s a marketing operations framework that binds multiple, traditionally siloed, marketing strategies together (via the teams that implement them) under an Agile project management philosophy to drive omnichannel strategy. Larger organizations tend to implement integrated marketing initiatives by their nature and after an investment in the integration process. Smaller teams tend to partner with off-premise integrated teams in a hub-and-spoke fashion. These teams leverage embedded marketing teams. 

How Much Does Integrated Marketing Cost?

Our workflow includes a tested form for submitting various types of creative requests, including as much or as little information as you have at the time. If you want to provide additional details or thoughts, your project manager will be happy to set up a call to ensure that we understand your creative task well enough to fully scope the project before getting started. Iterative followup can take place via phone or email.

Is there a difference between integrated marketing and integrated communications?

No. Marketing and communications are frequently used in similar contexts since all marketing is a form of communications. While the definition changes slightly across teams, we tend to use “integrated marketing” to refer to the broader marketing operations framework and “integrated communications” as a way of describing how communications channels are integrated with various other aspects of your marketing ecosystem.

What is the goal of integrated marketing?

The goal of integrated marketing is to create stronger outcomes based on deeper knowledge sharing and collaboration between subject matter experts.  The integrated marketing approach has a wide array of benefits ranging from increased operational efficiency to more consistent, resonant, and impactful messaging. Our goal as an integrated marketing agency (one specializing in emerging brands) is to act as a bridge to growth - one that empowers you to eventually build your own, fully-integrated, marketing department.