The Integrated Marketing Approach

A modern framework with the power, flexibility, and skill you need to build omnichannel marketing strategies at scale.

Why Integrated?

Your audience’s journey has gotten more complex, spanning hundreds of on- and offline touchpoints. Integrated marketing offers a binding operational framework designed to create value-added benefits across the entire “path-to-purchase”.

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Reduces brand entropy

by organizing previously siloed strategic, creative, and technical teams into a single collaborative framework

Mirrors today’s multi-faceted journey

with seamless omnichannel brand experiences reflecting the way buyers now engage their favorite brands

Empowers marketing leaders

to deliver better results by focusing on outcomes instead of a single prescribed marketing channel

Improves brand advocacy

allowing leaders to better influence buyer’s purchasing behavior throughout the path-to-purchase

Like many non-profit organizations, it isn’t possible for us to staff up a large marketing department. So, Catalyst is amazing to work with- they’re invested in our success.””

Jaymelina Esmele VP of Marketing, Special Olympics Washington

Solving Today’s Most Common Pain Points

Our integrated partnership models bridge the marketing gap by helping growing brands target the most common painpoints for emerging brands at each phase of their growth.


Organizational bloat including full time marketing resources that are not fully utilized


Burnout from underpowered teams being asked to master today's prolific marketing ecosystem


Distracted leaders, focusing on operational marketing rather than core competencies


Inability to respond to new organizational opportunities and painpoints quickly, as they arise

Seamless Omnichannel Storytelling

Integrated marketing is the most effective way for brands to create and deliver seamless omnichannel storytelling at scale. Building an integrated strategy can be resource intensive though, requiring a full-stack marketing department, comprising top martech tools and operational expertise

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We Don't Replace Great Marketing Leaders. We Amplify Them.

From managed services to strategic consulting, Catalyst’s approach to integrated was built to empower marketing leaders by bridging the resource gap. We’ll act as a hybrid extension of your team providing access to an enterprise competitive full-stack integrated team, for about the same commitment to resources as a single marketing team member.

Over the past five years, the Catalyst marketing team has proven to be invaluable. Their team has always been creative, knowledgeable, and fun to work with and we partner on both operational and tactical marketing campaigns.

Jaymelina Esmele

Special olympics washington vp of marketing



You'll meet, one-on-one, with an integrated marketing strategist to define the organization's unique opportunities, pain points and strategy.



We'll leverage our three part solution, including capabilities, partnerships, and services, to build an outcome-driven marketing framework.



An integrated project manager will collaborate with your team to implement both operational and tactical marketing campaigns.



As the company’s grows, our partnership model adapts, allowing us to deliver the type of support startups need to scale at each stage of growth.


Making Integrated Accessible

Our approach makes omnichannel strategies accessible with a shared marketing operations backbone that helps small organizations get big results. We deliver the power, flexibility, and expertise needed to leverage omnichannel marketing without the cost of an integrated marketing department.

Breaking New Ground in the Cannabis Space

As a leader in the B2B Cannabis space, SoRSE was helping to break an emerging market. The startup needed to do more than sell, though. It needed to educate.

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Unlocking APAC for Institutional Investors

When SCRIPTS Asia needed to reach institutional investors, its first step was shaping a more established and trustworthy brand.

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Connecting the Pacific Northwest with Light Rail

As the search for a partner to drive one of the largest civil engineering projects in Seattle's history kicked off, Kimley-Horn needed to get in front of decision makers.

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FAQs About the
Integrated Marketing Approach

What is Marketing Strategy?

Marketing strategy encompasses all of the emotional/behavioral concepts marketers use to drive awareness, engagement, and consideration of a brand or product. It includes the process of organizing varying types of marketing concepts into a single unified marketing doctrine meant to achieve a specific brand objective.

What if the Marketing Strategy isn’t Working?

It’s important to note that shaping buyer sentiment isn’t guaranteed to happen quickly. Iterative changes to a marketing strategy are extremely common and our process includes a wide range of discovery and collaborative planning and implementation so you get buy-in at every stage of the process. That said, if something’s not working, we want to know why and make changes as soon as possible. Doing that can require additional qualitative and quantitative research and work. Our commitment is to continue to better our understanding of your products, buyers, and public perception to give your product the best chance possible of success.

What does a marketing strategy look like?

Marketing strategy has many core concepts and the way that an individual marketer or marketing team chooses to define them depends largely on the specific use case and their unique approach and philosophy. Since strategy is part of Catalyst’s proposal process, we typically use a short visual presentation to get aligned in the early stages and follow it up with a written synopsis and scope of work as part of our proposal process.

What Defines Catalysts' Unique Approach?

Our agency supports organizations who want to leverage the same and maintain a small marketing footprint; typically startups, sales-driven organizations, nonprofits, etc. Therefore, our approach focuses on end-to-end services that are typically leveraged with enterprise companies.

Why do I need a Marketing Strategy?

A well-defined marketing strategy provides a framework for understanding the unique challenge that a brand is trying to help buyers overcome. It builds consensus around their solution, process for attaining the desired results, and a way to measure their success. Not building a defined marketing strategy can be extremely costly, both in opportunity cost and through inefficient use of resources.

Do you offer standalone marketing strategy consulting?

There are many capable marketing agencies who offer standalone consulting and we’d be happy to make a referral to one if needed. At Catalyst however, we’re laser-focused on bridging the marketing gap for our fast-growing clients. That’s why our solution focuses on the development of internal marketing strategy and other capabilities. At the early stages of your journey, that support is built into our managed services offering. Later on, it becomes part of our offboarding process but is not offered apart from larger engagements.