Campaign-Based Marketing Support Designed to Help You Reach Tactical Objectives

“Catalyst’s project management support is second to none, and their diverse capabilities really amplify the size of our internal marketing team without a huge commitment.”

Diana Eberlein VP of Marketing, Sorse Technology

Build your next campaign with a full-stack team of experts invested in meeting your goal

For organizations with a small core marketing footprint, hub-and-spoke style tactical partnerships offer a practical way to enhance inhouse capabilities without committing to a full-stack team. We deliver more than an expert though. We deliver a fully integrated team of them, ready to take on a wide variety of strategies as well as the creative, technical, and operational expertise to support them.

You need breadth as much as depth with a team that can manage a variety of marketing tasks

You’re looking to keep your internal marketing footprint manageable without losing any expertise

You want a marketing partner who will go beyond services providing ongoing strategic support

You have a marketing leader or executive who can provide direction and feedback quickly

Tactical Marketing Services Solutions

  • Go-to-Market Initiatives
  • Product Launch Campaigns
  • Digital Footprint Development
  • Annual Event Promotion
  • New Product/Services
  • Demand Generation Campaigns
  • Re-Engagement Campaigns
  • Media Development Campaigns
  • Account Based Marketing
  • Media Positioning & Outreach
  • New User Campaigns
  • Earned Media/Public Relations

Our Approach to Campaign-Based Marketing Partnerships

Spinning up the resources you need to launch an omnichannel marketing campaign quickly may be one of the most challenging tasks growing organizations face. While single-channel specialists are easily resourced, in the time it takes to build and coordinate a team of siloed specialists, unique opportunities can pass and new challenges can grow.

Catalyst’s tactical partnerships bridge our managed services and agency-of-record offerings by providing access to our full-stack marketing team for short, highly focused campaigns. Tactical partnerships were built to support organizational outcomes, not previously defined strategies. We start with your objective and work backwards leveraging our integrated framework to deliver omnichannel campaigns quickly, at any scale.

A Collaborative Process for Tactical Marketing Campaigns



We’ll schedule a kick-off meeting to define the campaign's purpose and objectives as well as collective strategic insights and priorities.



Our strategist will return with an outcome-focused campaign that aligns objectives, deliverables, key performance indicators, cost, and timeline.



You’ll work with a campaign project manager to implement the campaign using our creative, technical, and project management resources.



Your project manager and relevant stakeholders will meet with you regularly to provide progress updates and again for post mortem wrap up.

Tactical Services Case Studies

Building Deep Inclusion through Awareness

As one of the state’s largest nonprofits, Special Olympics Washington had a lot to say, but needed to keep a manageable internal communications footprint.

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Reimagining a Legacy Brand in the Wine Space

As competition in the direct-to-consumer space evolved, Wine of the Month Club needed to upgrade its buying experience for younger tech-savvy consumers.

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Closing the Skills Gap with Smart Learning

Artificial intelligence has sparked a fourth industrial revolution, but also created a massive skills gap. SkillUp Online is closing it with responsive online learning.

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Campaign Marketing Services FAQs

What kind of services are included with marketing campaigns?

Each campaign is unique and developed leveraging our full stack services expertise, including branding, content, digital, public relations, and out of home marketing strategies in mind. While campaigns rarely utilize all five service lines, having them as part of our service-level expertise allows us the flexibility to build communications based on outcomes, rather than limited expertise.

How does my campaign get implemented? Who’s responsible for what?

We’ll supply all strategic, creative, technical, and operational support needed to implement the services described in your campaign strategy. Our team meets daily to discuss and collaborate on all ongoing initiatives. This integrated approach was purpose built to capitalize on shared intellectual capital and get to market quicker, with more clarity, and fewer mistakes.

Do you provide standalone marketing campaigns

Yes, in fact, it’s a frequent entry point for clients who end up working with us on a longer term basis in both “managed services” and “agency-of-record” capacities. As always, onboarding a new provider can produce initial collaborative friction. Once complete however you’ll be able to work with our team on a wide variety of campaign types with little to no onboarding or workflow development. Either way, we have the capacity, expertise, and flexibility to take on your next omnichannel marketing campaign as both a standalone or embedded basis.

Can you work with my existing agency or contract partners?

Yes, we work with outside agencies and independent contractors at the client’s request and are happy to bring those teams on an as-needed basis. That said, it’s important to keep in mind that we cannot take responsibility for the functioning or performance of outside teams. Additionally, bringing in unintegrated partners means giving up much of the operational advantages built into Catalyst’s end-to-end solution.

What role will I play in the project or campaign’s overall implementation?

You will play the role of project champion and executive sponsor. That means that you’ll be involved in defining the campaign’s purpose, approve its strategy, and have oversight of all key decision making processes. You’ll also be our direct point of contact for all campaign reporting. Our integrated solution was built for supporting strong marketing executives, not replacing them and you’re a key aspect of implementing that strategy successfully.

Who will I work with during my campaign?

As soon as the campaign strategy has been developed and approved you’ll begin working closely with one of our integrated project managers. The project manager will be your special point of contact and in charge of bringing departmental leaders and channel based experts to consult on an as-needed basis. The project manager’s role is to help you stay focused with the just-in-time information you need to make the next critical business decision and keep you free enough to manage other ongoing tasks.

Our Partnership Models

  • Managed

    Plug into an integrated marketing team who works with you daily to drive your most important marketing objectives.

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  • Tactical Partnership

    Spin up the resources you need to act on new opportunities and pain points more quickly with a project-based team.

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  • Consulting

    Gain access to over two decades of expertise in integrated marketing strategies from team development to oversight.

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  • Long-Term

    Build an on-demand agency relationship to support and help round out internal marketing resources with added expertise.

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