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Catalyst works with startups and other emerging brands to bridge the marketing gap. Our solution helps startup leaders gain the breadth and depth of a mature communications team without the large footprint.

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A History of Success in the Startup Space

  • Fintech
  • SaaS
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Robotics
  • Consumer Goods
  • Cannatech
  • Productivity
  • Health & Biotech
  • Green Energy
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Social Platforms
  • eCommerce

Startups Face Unique Marketing Challenges

Startups need to hit important milestones: Defining product market fit, developing a toe hold, and building rapid evangelism. Getting there quickly requires significant sales, marketing, and support resources working in tandem to build awareness.

Startups often turn to a collection of siloed hub-and-spoke agency relationships. In the process, they exchange the type of omnichannel storytelling that reflects the way their buyers now learn about and engage their favorite brands for single-channel expertise designed to save on cost. There's a better way....

Keys to a Successful Startup Marketing Strategy

  • Stay Focused

    Focus on the smallest audience for whom your product is competitive, widening your outreach to grow.

  • Drive Loyalty

    Invest in customer support as part of your marketing strategy by creating a brand promise and continually overdelivering on it.

  • Use Promotions

    Build a strategic discount program early to attract buyers whose positive experiences you can leverage for growth.

  • Foster Relationships

    Use size to your advantage, building one-on-one relationships with each of your customers that drive word of mouth.

An Integrated Marketing Agency
Built for the Way Startups do Business

Catalyst’s three-part solution bridges the marketing gap for small and medium sized businesses. We do more than provide a single communications resource, though. We offer a team of marketing experts, purpose-built for your unique goals.

Leverage our solution to hold your own against near-peer competitors or punch above your weight and start growing. We offer SMBs the capabilities of a full-stack agency, the flexibility of an independent contractor, and the expertise of a full-time resource.


We hired Catalyst to help establish our brand as the leader in the space and facilitate our sales process with ongoing marketing support. Lead generation has also improved significantly, both in volume and quality, with leads being...

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