An Agency-of-Record Partnership Built on Retained Knowledge of Your Brand Across Projects

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“Catalyst’s project management support is second to none, and their diverse capabilities really amplify the size of our internal marketing team without a huge commitment.”

Diana Eberlein VP of Marketing, Sorse Technology

Gain on-demand access to our full-stack marketing team with an agency-of-record relationship.

For organizations with a small core marketing footprint, hub-and-spoke style tactical partnerships offer a practical way to enhance inhouse capabilities without committing to a full-stack team. We deliver more than an expert though. We deliver a fully integrated team of them, ready to take on a wide variety of strategies as well as the creative, technical, and operational expertise to support them.

You need breadth as much as depth with a team that can manage a variety of marketing tasks

You’re looking to keep your internal marketing footprint manageable without losing any expertise

You want a marketing partner who will go beyond services providing ongoing strategic support

You have a marketing leader or executive who can provide direction and feedback quickly

Agency of Record Partnership Opportunities

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Development
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Online Advertising
  • Design Resources
  • Video & Editing Resources
  • Website Upkeep
  • Public Relations
  • Product Launch
  • Go to Market Campaigns

An Integrated Approach to Agency of Record Relationships

As organizations grow, their ability to quickly inflate and deflate resources in response to new opportunities and pain points becomes even more important. Marketing leaders often resort to hub-and-spoke style relationships with multiple siloed agency partners – each competing for their marketing dollar, rather than working together to amplify it.

Catalyst’s agency-of-record partnership offers a better solution. When we work together, you gain access to a secondary layer of full-stack marketing resources – deeply familiar with your brand and ready to build new messaging on an on-demand basis. Our full stack solution allows small core marketing teams to accomplish big communications objectives without the overhead.

Our Collaborative Process for Agency-of-Record Solutions



You’ll meet with your assigned project manager and strategist to drive understanding of the factors driving your campaign.



We’ll provide you with a strategy that includes the deliverables, cost, timeline, and collaborative strategy we think will have the greatest impact.



We’ll provide frequent updates on our work through collaborative channels including needs, progress, and impact on the objective.



We’ll work with you to oversee or implement changes to your organization as well as measuring potential impacts of their change.

Agency-of-Record Case Studies

Building Deep Inclusion through Awareness

As one of the state’s largest nonprofits, Special Olympics Washington had a lot to say, but needed to keep a managable internal communications footprint.

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Reimagining a Legacy Brand in the Wine Space

As competition in the direct-to-consumer space evolved, Wine of the Month Club needed to upgrade its buying experience for younger tech-savvy consumers.

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Closing the Skills Gap with Smart Learning

Artificial intelligence has sparked a fourth industrial revolution, but also created a massive skills gap. SkillUp Online is closing it with responsive online learning.

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Agency-of-Record Services FAQs

What is an “agency-of-record”?

The “agency-of-record” term goes back decades and typically refers to a marketing or communications partner that’s been previously approved by higher ups to work on the company’s brand and other marketing materials based on demonstrative knowledge of its brand standards. These relationships usually involve some type of economy of scale around pricing based on an exclusive relationship.

Do you handle “one-off” projects?

Yes, one-off projects are both a frequent entry point for working with Catalyst and the result of an ongoing relationship in which a client has graduated from subscription-based services or wishes to run the two in parallel. Depending on the unique circumstances of the project they can be grouped with both tactical or agency-of-record models.

As my agency-of-record, how often can I reach out to you?

As little or as often as you’d like. We commonly handle multiple simultaneous, but non-aligned projects for clients. Just reach out to your project manager to get started and we’ll set up a discovery call to see how we can best meet your needs.

How are agency-of-record relationships billed?

Most agency-of-record based projects are billed on a per project or hourly basis, but there is no “hard and fast” rule. Depending on the nature of the project, billing can be divided into equal monthly payments or made on a % completion basis. If you’re looking for ongoing support, tactical models may work better for you.

What is the purpose of an agency of record relationship?

These relationships were set up to help you build a relationship with partner who could amplify the scope and expertise of your team without employing those team members on an ongoing basis. They allow brands to scale more efficiently by keeping their internal marketing costs lower while maintaining additional power and flexibility.

What is the difference between agency-of-record and a one-off agency project?

Catalyst’s agency-of-record solution includes typical marketing agency objectives like new website, product launches, et al, but gains additional value with each new collaboration. That’s because our cumulative knowledge of your visual and editorial voice and objectives grow with it. Agency-of-record relationships mean better understanding of your audience, faster go-to-market, and lower comparative pricing.

Our Partnership Models

  • Managed

    Plug into an integrated marketing team who works with you daily to drive your most important marketing objectives.

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  • Tactical Partnership

    Spin up the resources you need to act on new opportunities and pain points more quickly with a project-based team.

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  • Consulting

    Gain access to over two decades of expertise in integrated marketing strategies from team development to oversight.

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  • Long-Term

    Build an on-demand agency relationship to support and help round out internal marketing resources with added expertise.

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