Rion is the Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Catalyst Marketing Agency and oversees key accounts, strategic partnerships, and business development. Over the past two decades, Rion has become a recognized leader in the application of omnichannel marketing strategies as well as the originator of a downscaled approach to delivering them. His contributions as a leading strategist have supported a wide range of organizations, from emerging startups to enterprise brands.

Rion’s career began in New York City where he focused on helping new and emerging brands leverage the growing power of new media. The work included the use of integrated content, digital, and communications strategies to deliver seamless omnichannel messaging at scale. He expanded on this theme over the following two decades, becoming a recognized voice in the Seattle and Silicon Valley startup communities, thought leader, and eventually founded his first agency.  His current work expands on these themes by enabling marketing leaders to bridge the gap between today’s complex marketing ecosystem and the resources needed to leverage it.

Rion’s personal mission has always focused on facilitating big ideas – helping people and organizations who are moving the conversation forward. “For me, it’s about more than success in business; it’s about empowering people’s highest aspirations – helping them actualize their dreams”. When not working with clients, he provides volunteer communications expertise to a variety of nonprofit causes including Special Olympics, PAWS, and TEDx. He is an avid hiker and amateur mountaineer, animal lover, partner, and master of the Monday crossword.


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