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Building a Global Manufacturing Brand

Manufacturing Marketing Case Study

Project Summary

During this project, we provided manufacturing marketing support that helped Crider Foods reshape the narrative and position itself as a global leader in the contract food packing space.

The Market

Feeding our Future

Food packing represents a critical part of the national supply chain, acting as a link between producers and various distribution endpoints. For businesses and institutions that need to "keep shelves stocked" but don't have the expertise or interest in doing it at scale, white-label partners are key to driving growth. They provide an end-to-end resource to build, pack, and ship their own proprietary SKUs as well as create new ones.

The Client

Crider Foods is one of the most trusted contract food packing partners in the country. The company's fully-cooked and frozen proteins can be found on grocery store shelves as well as food banks, ready-to-eat military rations, school lunches, and much more.

The Challenge

Building a Global Brand

With nearly 85% of the US marketshare in some categories, Crider Foods wanted to deepen its penetration into the global marketplace. To do it, the company needed to signal its evolution from a family-run, business to an enterprise-ready player capable of delivering quality, safety, and consistency at a global scale. The first step was an overhauled communications strategy - one that could signal its desired positioning to the market, as well as its existing customers, community, and workforce.

The Strategy

Repositioning Around Community

Our strategy leveraged the company's reputation as a fifth-generation, family-run business to reshape it as a global partner based on local values like trust, common sense, and value.


Crider Foods had a small hub-and-spoke marketing footprint common to sales-based organizations. Its team, comprising a senior marketing executive and a small group of support staff, was responsible for delivering on its entire communications strategy.

To implement its growth strategy, the company needed an integrated team of subject matter experts and a project manager to bring them all together. We built a custom ops-led project team including strategic, creative, and technical experts ranging from graphic design to video to social media marketing.

Integrated Manufacturing Marketing Services


Our team started by refreshing and further defining the company's brand strategy, profile, and positioning. We worked from the company's existing assets to redevelop its visual and editorial standards as well as a new messaging strategy. Finally, we built a style guide to ensure the type of consistent global usage that drives recall and trust.


We developed a wide array of content supporting the organization's updated brand strategy. It included copywriting, photo, and video content used to support the brand's online communications as well as sales collateral, billboards, and public relations.


Our digital team collaborated with the company's sales and marketing stakeholders to redesign its website and project landing pages. The resulting multi-national sites helped shape the brand as more than a manufacturing services provider. They positioned it as a trusted global leader by showcasing values, goals, and impact alongside its capabilities.


Our communications team assumed management of the brand's social media, email, and public relations channels. We shaped messaging consistent with its recent brand overhaul and built to communicate the company's most important community-focused news and announcements.


We worked with the company's human resources department to create and deliver an array of out-of-home marketing campaigns including billboards and retail postering supporting its hiring efforts and other community outreach initiatives.

An Embedded Parternship

Catalyst's project team embedded with the company's existing marketing operations workflow on a managed services, tactical, and agency-of-record basis. We worked with its Director of Marketing, as well as other departmental stakeholders, to implement the updated strategy.

Collaboration was administered through a third-party chat, email, and bi-monthly sprint meetings. Feedback on our work was provided through prototyping platforms that helped iterate both visual and editorial content.

The Outcome

Getting Noticed in the Manufacturing Space

Catalyst's work is defining a new stage of growth for the company. The response among internal stakeholders, partners, and team has been overwhelmingly positive with additional increases in hiring, lower attrition, and increased interest from current and prospective buyers around the world.

Home page of Crider Foods WebsiteCrider Foods website page screenshot

Unique website visitors over the course of the last year


Leads generated through combined site and landing pages


Conversion rate on website traffic generated from search

"I can't say enough about Catalyst's team. The account and project management is consistently on point and their range of expertise has helped us move quickly and efficiently. They've done a great job, every step of the way and I would recommend them to anyone."


Aaron Schoenberger

Director of Marketing

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