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Reimagining a Legacy Brand in the Wine Space

Direct-to-Consumer Marketing Case Study

Project Summary

During this project, Catalyst worked with one of the wine industry's most recognized direct-to-consumer brands, redesigning its buying experience for the next generation.

The Market

An Unrivaled History in the Direct-to-Consumer Space

Wine of the Month Club is one of the most recognized direct-to-consumer brands on the planet. The second-generation company has offered fans a curated monthly selection of wines based on their favorite styles, regions, and other themes since 1972. Throughout, the company has shipped millions of cases, of award-winning wine and pioneered a ten billion dollar industry in the process.

industry insight

Wine of the Month Club is the original direct-to-consumer wine brand. Shipping its first bottle in 1974, the company helped shape the modern American wine industry.

The Challenge

Engaging the Next Generation of Wine Lovers

Wine of the Month club's content strategy was a huge part of its early success. A rapidly changing technology landscape has reshaped customer expectations in the space, however, and it's legacy website couldn't do the heavy lifting. Brands in the space now vie to create increasingly more relevant and personalized experiences, all while maintaining lower overall costs. Doing it at scale requires a modern tech stack including a strong website, automation, retention programs, and omnichannel messaging.

The Solution

A Direct-to-Consumer Marketing Strategy

Our strategy offered more than a new website; it offered a marketing-optimized hub for customer engagement. It amplified the brand's content marketing strategy with new tools and ways of delivering them.

A Purpose-Built Team

Migrating a decades-old website isn't easy. It requires an integrated team of subject matter experts working together in lockstep. We started by delivering a comprehensive project scope. It detailed each aspect of the brand's legacy and updated solutions, from hosting to fulfillment.

Strategic resources were used to plot the company's audience and outcome, defining how that would impact its design and overall implementation. Our creative team called on graphic and visual as well as conversion rate optimization resources to prototype the website. Finally, our technical team brought it to life.

A Strategic Marketing Stack


We modernized the brand's assets, working from its existing logo to create a contemporary, engaging and style that would help showcase its offering - from wine clubs to courses.


We aggregated and cleaned thousands of unique pieces of content before migrating them into blog, podcasts, learning, recipes, news, and other content engines designed to attract long-tail searches.


We developed a responsive, search-optimized direct-to-consumer and ecommerce website on the WordPress CMS and integrated to the company's fulfillment, retention marketing, and automation platforms.

Deep Collaboration Between Teams

Our team embedded with the client, for the full length of the project's timeline. We ensured that all stakeholders remained in line with the project's strategic vision as well as staying within budget and timeline objectives.

Sprint meetings were conducted through video, while day-to-day communications leveraged chat and email. Clients provided feedback through a wide range of collaborative tools, from shared docs to prototyping software.

The Outcome

A Difference You Can See

Since the project's completion, the company has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers and partners alike. The site is demonstrably easier to navigate, provides a better user experience, and speaks to the type of modern customer experience that its audience is looking for.

Wine club website homepage with membership optionsWine club website homepage with membership options

From-scratch page designs, implemented and tested for performance and search.


Integrated technologies including CRM, email/SMS marketing, automation, and support.


Pieces of original content migrated inducing articles, podcasts, recipes, and blogs.

"The Catalyst team is deeply knowledgeable about the web design and development process, but also, marketing strategy at large. They provided all of the creative and technical resources as well as well-organized and communicative project management."


Paul Kalemkiarian

President, Wine of the Month Club

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