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Reaching Medical Providers with Channel Marketing

Medical Marketing Case Study

Project Summary

During this project, we worked with stakeholders at a medical device manufacturer to shape its message with integrated content and communications services.

The Market

Building a Brighter Future for Veterans

Every year active duty military personnel sustain more than 250,000 on-the job injuries that require long-term care. One of the biggest treatment concerns is pain management. With the recent opioid crisis, narcotic solutions have become unsustainable. So, medical professionals in the space are frequently on the hunt for less invasive and potentially addictive solutions to help ensure veterans' quality of life.

The Client

ProMedTek has worked with the Veteran's Administration for over a decade to build better patient outcomes. Its proprietary pain-management system, Replexa+™, delivers long-term pain management without narcotics.

The Challenge

A Relationship Based on Trust

ProMedTek relies exclusively on channel marketing strategies to reach veterans. They can be enormously effective, but require easy-to-consume informational content backed up by social proof. The company had dozens of unique pieces of collateral, but after a decade in business, felt outdated, imputing the same characteristics on its solution.

The Strategy

Leveraging Trusted Providers

Our strategy included a phased overhaul of the brand's visual identity. One that would become the basis for a full rework of its most important sales collateral.

A Purpose-Driven Project Team

ProMedTek traditionally leveraged independent contractors to handle periodic updates. For the next steps, it needed a marketing team with the integrated resources to handle a full overhaul. Our project team included strategic, creative, and operations experts including a brand strategist and graphic designer working under a single integrated project manager.

An End-to-end Communcations Revamp


We worked from the company's existing materials to create a more contemporary look, feel, and voice. Our work included a new set of visual and editorial standards organized into a brand book to ensure consistency and executive buy-in. Our updated style was used as the basis, both for its updated collateral and upcoming website.


Over six months, we leveraged its updated brand materials to overhaul dozens of unique pieces of sales collateral. They included rack cards, business one-pagers, and brochures that explained the product's functioning, and benefits - from scientific studies to user testimonials.

A Partnership Based on Communication

Catalyst's integrated project manager embedded with the company's internal hub-and-spoke marketing team. We establish a workflow for design drafting, and feedback that enabled leadership buy-in at every stage of the project. It included a range of collaborative prototyping and copyediting tools as well as ongoing feedback and document scoping through email with video conferencing.

The Outcome

An Inspiring New Look & Feel

The updated brand standards and the resulting collateral were met with positive feedback, both from executives and sales teams. They helped make providers more confident and likely to recommend the company's solution.


Individual pieces of updated sales collateral created


Increase in breakage of on-premise sales collateral


Increase in sales through channel-based initiatives


"Catalyst worked with us on a revamp of our print and digital marketing collateral. They were excellent in communications, prompt in draft delivery and produced great work. We will continue to work with them on our content design and recommend them to others."

Morgan Pucheck

Vice President of Sales & Marketing

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