Financial Marketing Case Study

Helping a Financial Technology Startup Reach Institutional Investors

Project Summary

During this project, we provided financial marketing support for a fintech startup aimed at helping institutional investors to overcome the challenges of trading in Asia Pacific.

The Client

Unlocking Asia Pacific

Investors looking for corporate event data in APAC face tough barriers - from regulatory hurdles to high-quality translations. SCRIPTS Asia’s platform solved each of them with direct access to the region’s fastest growing companies, native translations, and near real-time delivery to decision makers, globally.

Achieving scale meant standing out against thousands of lower-quality data aggregators to reach a very small group of institutional investors, though.

The Approach

A Two Part Strategy

Our strategy was designed to make the platform a single source of truth for APAC investors event data. By driving awareness and trust at the top of the funnel and taking ownership of event-based searches in the middle, we could drive a strong pipeline of well-qualified leads from institutional investors.

A Full Stack Team

As a B2B startup, the company had invested heavily in its sales apparatus but didn’t have the marketing and communications infrastructure to scale it. Catalyst delivered with a full-stack marketing team that included strategic, creative, and technical capabilities, as well as the project management expertise needed to tie them together and facilitate collaboration with its sales leader. Our team worked across channels to ensure high-quality and recognizable communications focused on the target audience.

A Strategic Marketing Stack


We worked from the company's existing logo to define a new set of brand standards. Our work, including a fully updated brand book, defined the company’s look and feel in a way that would help build trust and make the brand recognizable among the target audience


We establish the organization's subject matter authority through thought leadership content like white papers and other informational and promotional materials. This included content distributed through social media, email, and more.


We used the company’s existing event data to build a modern and search-optimized lead engine. By automatically propagating event-based landing pages we were able to own search traffic with highly relevant content that drove traffic to the site. Individual event data was gated, allowing the company to collect contact information from relevant and qualified buyers and scale its business development strategy.


We built and managed an editorial calendar that included social media, email, and public relations outreach. In aggregate, communications were design to support the organization's desired position as the most trusted resource for institutional investors with an APAC portfolio.

Deep Collaboration

We worked hand-in-hand with the client’s executive and sales teams as embedded marketing partner. In addition to ongoing digital collaboration through chat and email, we used regular sprint meetings to deliver progress reports, align stakeholders, and ensure that all outreach remained in line with the project’s strategic vision.

The Outcome

Moving the Needle

As a result of our partnership, the platform grew into a recognized leader in the financial technology space. This lift helped its founders better position SCRIPTS Asia for a successful acquisition bid by the Japanese Stock Exchange in 2023


Outgoing communications defining the company’s platform, capabilities, and impact.


Unique visitors driven to the company’s landing pages as a result of the new strategy.


Unique new leads generated from longtail event content and listing pages.

"Catalyst is more than a service provider. They are a part of our team and an important element in supporting our day-to-day sales and business development activities."


John Wiseman

Chief Revenue Officer

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