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Scale Smarter with an Integrated Marketing Agency Built to Support Growing Brands

Our SOlution

Catalyst powers your growth strategy with a full-stack marketing solution for about the same cost as a single new hire.

Today’s fastest growing brands face a common challenge – leveraging the full power of a marketing ecosystem that’s growing in both strength and complexity. Integrated strategies offer a powerful solution, but require a large,  cost-prohibitive, investment. Catalyst makes omnichannel strategies make sense with a integrated communications backbone that helps growing brands scale smarter



Start with access to the type of full-stack marketing capabilities needed to support today's most in-demand marketing strategies including strategic, creative, and technical know-how.



Build with our flexible partnership models that are designed to scale with you through each stage of the organizational journey from conception to sustained growth.



Scale smarter with a fully integrated team of service-level experts helping to ensure that you're able to create outcome- rather than channel- driven solutions.

Integrated Marketing Case Studies

Our Focus

Focused on Organizations Who Want to Drive Big Results While Maintaining a Small Marketing Footprint


Venture funded organizations, like startups, looking to iterate quickly and build scale


Nonprofit organizations that want to stay competitive, but limit exposure to volatility


B2B sales organizations who leverage marketing primarily as an enablement tool


Technology organizations that want to focus on delivering value at scale.

Hub-and-spoke agency relationships don’t reflect today's omnichannel buyer journey. Catalyst's team of full-stack experts bridge the gap for organizations that want to maintain a small marketing footprint without losing any expertise

Rion Haber CEO, Catalyst
Our Method

An Agile Marketing Solution for Growing Organizations

Traditional marketing agencies focus on tactical mid-market and enterprise campaigns. Catalyst's integrated marketing solution allows you to grow at your speed with embedded expertise that grows with you through every stage of your organizational journey.


You'll meet, one-on-one, with an integrated marketing strategist to define the organization's unique opportunities and pain points


We'll leverage our three part marketing solution to build an outcome-driven marketing framework.


An integrated project manager will collaborate with your team to implement both operational and tactical marketing campaigns.


As you grow, our partnership will adapt, allowing us to deliver the marketing support you need at each stage in your journey. campaigns.

Rion Haber

Cofounder | VP, Strategy

Doug McIntyre

Cofounder | VP, Operations

Corey Stewart

Director, Creative

Katharine Kemp

Director, Communications

Sean Majors

Director, Events & Out of Home

Jennifer Sturgill

Director, BI & Analytics

Tevin Anderson

Director, Online Strategy

Anna Ballew

Manager, Communications

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Working with Catalyst is easy. Start by telling us a little about your organization. One of our strategists will be back to you shortly to learn more about your goals, painpoints, and opportunities. Finally, we'll propose a custom marketing solution tailored to your outcomes.